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Cheap Electric Guitars: Beginners Guide
By Mike Danick
Cheap electric can be a great alternative to a brand new top of the line model, and a smart choice for the beginning player. Making the decision to buy a cheap guitar over an expensive brand is usually the only choice for beginners.

Guitars, like most musical instruments, can carry a steep price tag. When you're an experienced player you'll understand why the cost is so high and what goes into the construction of a premium electric guitar. There is no doubt that the sound, feel, and comfort of an expertly crafted guitar can be well worth the money, but as a beginner it's not necessary to invest in such a high end model in the early stages of your six string education.

Cheap electric or low priced beginner electric are the sensible option for the aspiring jammer. Of course you're not going to get the highest quality instrument, but at this point you just need something that will give you what you need; six strings and a fret board.

A basic model is great for learning purposes. In the beginning the only thing you should be concerned with is training your fingers to learn their way around the neck and training your pick hand to find the right strings. Building strength in your fingers will make you a better player, and a cheap electric guitar will help you do that just as well as an expensive guitar can.

The first beginner electric guitar I learned how to play on was a beginner guitar with an amplifier built into the body of it. The sound that came from it was less than desirable to say the least, but for learning purposes it was great. I had to press down real hard on the fret board to get a note to sound decent. This soon resulted in some painful blisters and tired fingers. I kept with it and it helped me to develop the strength in my fingers necessary to play well. When I played a well crafted guitar for the first time, I felt like a professional. I was amazed by the small amount of effort it took to make my playing sound good. If it wasn't for all that time I spent on my cheap beginner electric guitar, I wouldn't have had that experience.

Don't be discouraged if you're just learning how to play and you'll only be able to afford a cheap electric guitar. It may turn out to benefit you more than its pricey alternative. If you learn how to play on a beginner electric guitar you will sound like a guitar legend when you're ready to invest in a premium electric guitar.

If you want want to learn more about buying and playing cheap electric guitars, visit Mike's website: cheapelectric-guitars.blogspot.com/

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